Safe Work Method Statement

The regulations regarding safe work method statements are in a constant state of flux, and the harsh reality is that the changes made to existing laws usually come after a tragedy of one kind or another. Workplace safety is something that every employee should be able to look forward to when they begin their job, […]

Risk Assessment and Safety Compliance Sunshine Coast

Every workplace, regardless of industry, has some degree of risk for the employee, as well as for the company as a whole. The goal should be to make the workplace as safe as possible, which is why the government has certain rules and regulations in place that need to be strictly adhered to. There are […]

Safety compliance Sunshine Coast

Safety compliance Sunshine Coast | safe work method statement When you start a job with a new company, you generally assume that the working conditions in your place of employment will be safe. After all safety compliance standards in the Sunshine Coast are about as good as they get, making it possible to go to […]

Safe Work Method Statements Templates SWMS

In construction work, there are all manner of jobs that can quite easily be classified as being dangerous. This is especially true if steps are not taken to ensure that every person working on the job is protected from those dangers as much as humanly possible. Nowadays, there are strict healthy and safety laws in […]

Work health and safety (whs) management plan

Workplace health and safety regulations are in place to protect each and every person who goes to work on a daily basis but there are still times when accidents can happen. ( Construction Companies require a WH&S Management System. ) One of the scariest incidents in recent memory took place at the construction site of […]

Health and Safety Plans Tradies Athletes Mooloolaba Sunshine Coast

When you think of health and safety plans for workers, you tend to think about tradies working in places like Mooloolaba in the Sunshine Coast, or factory and warehouse workers. You do not tend to think about professional athletes, but it may come as a surprise to learn that they can be affected when health […]

Safety Management Plans

Operating a business, especially a large one on the Sunshine Coast, can be incredibly challenging, especially with so many rules and regulations to be followed. There are so many rules and regulations in place, it can be tough to constantly be in compliance, Failure to follow the rules can result in extremely harsh penalties that […]

Workplace Health and Safety (WHS) Maroochydore Kawana

There are a few things that workers need in order to be happy in their job, and they include fair pay and a safe working environment. Whether a level of pay is acceptable or not is really debatable depending on the specific job, but one thing that really has to be guaranteed is Workplace Health […]

Health and Safety Buderim Sunshine Coast

One of the great rites of passage in life is when a student graduates from college and takes the big step into the working world. Even with the strict rules and regulations that come with going to school, there is still a sense of freedom that seems to get lost when the real work begins. […]

Workplace Accidents Affect More Than Just the Victim

Workplace accidents can take a tragic turn, and this tragedy can affect more than just the person who was injured or killed. A family in Launceston demonstrated that just recently when a father mustered his courage to read a victim’s impact statement in court, trying to describe the pain his entire family felt after losing […]