Work Health & Safety Management System Sunshine Coast

Work Health Safety ManagementEffective work health and safety management system Sunshine Coast business operators starts with the right leadership and set of rules and regulations that emphasise worker safety.

The pursuit of efficient supply chain safety and efficiency are two concepts that are given equal prominence because they are inextricably linked.


Accident cause delays, whether they occur at the worksite or on the road. This leads to injury or worse for those who are working along with additional business cost. It is why major freight logistic companies provide safe work environments.

The emphasis on improving safety standards not only creates a smooth-running supply chain, it also makes good business sense. This means additional safety measures are employed to protect workers and the general public.

In November 2018, an industry-wide Master Code was released by the Australian Trucking Association (ATA) for the safety of heavy vehicles. This provided guidance to all who are part of the supply chain to meet their Chain of Responsibility (CoR) requirements according to the Heavy Vehicle National Law (HVNL).

Everyone with CoR responsibilities now have an authoritative source that establishes safety risks, maintains current standards, and offers advice in how to achieve them. But it does not end there as those within the industry must reinforce compliance and awareness of safety rules and regulations for their employees.

Being proactive ensures that the Master Code can make a real difference in terms of safety. This is where the government steps in to lift the profile of safety issues.

Heavy Vehicle Safety

Safety Management System Sunshine CoastThe sheer number of heavy vehicles on the road today require compliance with the safety issues under Master Code. The government can take the lead by setting rules and committing to safety measures for all heavy vehicle uses.

The ALC has been discussing with senior departmental and ministerial leaders’ issues with the Master Code to ensure that heavy vehicle safety becomes a priority for companies that receive government-awarded contracts.

Better Master Code compliance would offer greater benefits for the government and the general public. Starting with providing the government the confidence to know that companies who receive their contracts are CoR compliant and have the right safety management systems in place.

This not only improves the physical safety of the employees, but also the taxpayers from costly litigation. Plus, it will raise CoR to a higher profile, offering better safety within the industry for those seeking government contracts. This includes smaller operators in regional communities who will be encouraged to comply with the Master Code.

Creating better compliance of the Master Coe into government procurement contracts offers a potent example to the general public that the government is taking heavy vehicle safety seriously. When leading by example, it helps ensure that safety is seen as a primary consideration when awarding contracts.

By taking these steps, it may avoid more onerous requirements laid down by the government. After all, the Master Code is designed to ensure heavy vehicle safety by having companies meet their legal obligations. Laws such as this are not a burden, but rather an essential part of their daily practices.

This ensures continuing improvement in heavy vehicle safety when requiring compliance to the Master Code when seeking government contracts. This means effective work health & safety management system Sunshine Coast operators and residents will benefit.