Safe Work Method Statement: Coronavirus (COVID-19) Management at Work

Potential of Coronavirus (COVID-19) in your work environment. Think of it as a Hazard! Download the SWMS-Managing Coronavirus virus at work 2020. Yourself Do you or a close family member been in close contact with an infected person ? If so, notify your Supervisor: leave a contact phone number: go home and self- isolate – […]

Risk Assessment Functions Sunshine Coast

Running complex machinery and devices require the proper training, care, and maintenance. It also means having the right risk assessment functions Sunshine Coast businesses and employees rely upon to ensure everything is performed properly. This is especially true in terms of safety. Accidents not only affect the health of the employees, but the productivity of […]

Safe Work Method Statement (SWMS) Sunshine Coast

Maintaining correct procedures and practices on the job site requires the identification of potential work hazards. This is where SWMS and JSA’s come into play. Standing for Safe Work Method Statement and Job Safety Analysis respectively, this is how Sunshine Coast construction companies create a safe work environment for their employees. By having paperless construction […]

Work Health & Safety Management System Sunshine Coast

Effective work health and safety management system Sunshine Coast business operators starts with the right leadership and set of rules and regulations that emphasise worker safety. The pursuit of efficient supply chain safety and efficiency are two concepts that are given equal prominence because they are inextricably linked. Accidents Accident cause delays, whether they occur […]

Safe Work Method Statement SWMS

Safe Work Method Statements SWMS is a document which outlines the various work activity risks, which construction companies carry out on a daily basis, the dangers that occur during this activities and the steps to take to manage these dangers. High risk construction work activities require SWMS according to the WHS Regulations. If the activities […]

Risk Assessment Functions Sunshine Coast

Without having any form of risk assessment done, imagine plunging your life’s savings into building a Sunshine Coast business or organising a function. It would be like going on holiday and not trying to gauge the costs of taking that holiday in anyway, and now you are stuck on an island with no means of […]

Safety Compliance Building Sunshine Coast

While we all expect to be safe when we are at work on building on the Sunshine Coast, there are some employers who try to cut corners to save some money. This is why laws are now in place to protect employees, with safety compliance expected from every company that does business in the Sunshine […]

Risk Management Risk Assessment Sunshine Coast Site Insurance Policy

No-one ever goes to work thinking that they won’t go home in one piece at the end of the day, but there are times when accidents in the workplace on the Sunshine Coast can wreck those plans. It goes without saying that some jobs are more dangerous than others, but whether you work in an […]

Workplace Health and Safety SWMS Sunshine Coast Maroochydore

Some jobs are more dangerous than others, but regardless of what you do for a living, there is an expectation that your workplace should be as safe as possible. Responsible companies go out of their way to create a working environment that is safe for everyone, but unfortunately there are also some companies that try […]

Risk Consultants Sunshine Coast Safety Risk Management

When people go to work on the Sunshine Coast, they do so expecting that every effort will have been made to ensure that they will be working in a safe environment. Of course, accidents do happen, but there are very strict laws that every company in Australia needs to follow to ensure and manage the […]