Workplace Health and Safety SWMS Sunshine Coast Maroochydore

Safety work methods construction siteSome jobs are more dangerous than others, but regardless of what you do for a living, there is an expectation that your workplace should be as safe as possible. Responsible companies go out of their way to create a working environment that is safe for everyone, but unfortunately there are also some companies that try to save money by cutting corners on the health and safety side of things. This is why the government has laws in place that require certain safety standards to be met in every workplace, with some industries forced to adhere to stricter rules than other.

The construction industry is one that tends to be among the most dangerous, which is why there are so many strict health and safety regulations in place to help ensure that employees work in a place as free from risk as possible. Certain activities that take place on a construction side in Maroochydore on the Sunshine Coast are considered to be high risk, and it is here where the strictest measures are in place. Employees need to be aware of the risks associated with doing these high-risk jobs, which is where Safe Work Method Statements (SWMS) come into play.

The SWMS document basically lists the potential hazards that can come with working in a high-risk job on the construction site. The activities that require an SWMS are laid out in the WHS Regulations, with every job on that list requiring an accompanying SWMS. Employees who work these jobs are already well aware of the risks, however there may be a some hazards that they don’t know about. The document is put together to ensure that everyone is on the same page. Being aware of the hazards can help employees be more careful on the job, while also giving companies the opportunity to put safety measure in place to lessen those potential risks.

Builders tools safety work methodsThe SWMS document is not a standard document in that it tends to depend on the industry. For example, an SWMS put together for joiners will not be the same as one created for electricians. The SWMS need not be set in stone after it has been created. Rules and regulations change, as do the requirements of specific jobs, as well as the tools used to perform them. An SWMS can be changed to adapt to these changes so that it always stays current.

While it is possible to download SWMS templates online, this is not always the best way to go. It is easy to make mistakes or miss potential hazards when putting these documents together, which is why it is usually a good idea to bring in a healthy and safety consulting team to take care of the SWMS documents for your net project. As mentioned earlier, each task needs its own document, and you cannot take a one size fits all approach. Leaving it in the hands of the pros means having peace of mind that they will be completed correctly.