Safety Management Office Based

Professional / Office-based WH&S Management Systems

These are offered as a package that contain the essential 3-tiers for Compliance.

A. Overriding Company Safety Policy
B. The Physical set up of your office environment
C. Emergency & Fire Evacuation Plans

  • Main Safety Policy     Developed in alignment with:
    • Work Health & Safety Act of 2011 (1st January 2012)
    •    WHS Act of 2011 –  Regulations
    •    WHS Act of 2011 – Codes of Practice.
    Inclusive of:
  • Site Visits
  • Your Company Mission Statement.
  • Your Company Details (As required under the Act)
  • Declaration of PCBU (Person Conducting Business or Undertaking)
  • Understanding of Compliance to the Act- Who has Duties
  • Company impact on the Environment
  • Induction & Training Plans- new starters
  • First Aid within the WH&S Environment
  • Drug & Alcohol Policy
  • Company Travel & Working away from head office
  • Employees working from home
  • Duties- Emergency & Fire Evacuation Plans

HRB Consulting has experience with:

Accounting & Legal Firms

Financial Services with  Out-posted Employees.

Service Industry Offices with Field Supervisors.

Retail Stores

Outdoor Markets

Sporting Clubs & Venues.

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