Zero Harm at Work

Zero-Harm-at-Workno harm to anyone, any time while at work

A message from the Queensland Workplace Health and Safety Board

Zero Harm at Work has been identified by the Queensland Workplace Health and Safety Board (the Board) as the underlying philosophy for workplace health and safety in Queensland over the next 10 years and beyond. Its aim is to develop a culture of zero harm within Queensland workplaces. The visionary goal of zero harm means no harm to anyone, anytime while at work.

To support this philosophy, the Board has initiated the Zero Harm at Work Leadership Program. The program recognises that industry leaders play a vital role in achieving a systemic shift in workplace health and safety culture. The involvement and commitment of industry leaders not only means good business, good performance and effective risk management for the organisation, but also means a safer and healthier environment for all Queensland workers.

The program focuses on establishing an ongoing series of industry forums and workshops to engage and support industry leaders to achieve positive workplace health and safety outcomes. These forums provide an opportunity for industry leaders to share innovative ideas in developing a positive safety culture, to champion workplace health and safety activities in their own organisation, and provide a leading example for others to follow across the state. Through committing to share innovation, knowledge and experience with others, the Zero Harm at Work Leadership Program members can make a significant contribution to raising standards of workplace health and safety in Queensland.

More info on the Zero Harm at Work Leadership Program.  (PDF – Opens in a new window)