Mobile Phone Workplace Safety

Take a little visit to YouTube and you will have no problem finding all kinds of videos of people having accidents because they weren’t paying attention to what they are doing. One of the most alarming trends in this area is the growing number of people who are getting injured because they had their faces […]

Sunshine Coast Emergency Response Plan

If you have ever taken a trip on a plane, you have likely had to sit through the part where the flight attendant talks about the safety features of the plane and tells you what to do in the event of an unpleasant incident. If you have flown several times, you have probably taken to […]

Personal Health Risk Workers Sunshine Coast

Personal Health Risk On A Job Companies are legally bound to do all they can to ensure that all of their Sunshine Coast employees work in a safe environment. The vast majority do so, but how is an employer or co-worker supposed to know about the personal health of everyone they hire? There are some […]

Risk Management Sunshine Coast

It has been long known that businesses have a responsibility to their customers to provide the best products and services that they possibly can. Many would consider this to be the only way that a business can thrive or even survive in the current marketplace. What often gets forgotten in this discussion is the responsibility […]

OHS Sunshine Coast

The safety of workers on the job is one that is taken very seriously, with companies believed to not be taking all the necessary steps to create a safe working environment usually hit hard. That was very much the case recently, when the County Court of Victoria imposed a $400,000 fine after a worker was […]

Sunshine Coast QLD unions 24 hours notice

 Unions on the Sunshine Coast QLD to provide at least 24 hours’ written notice before entering a work site. After recent workplace health and safety laws were passed unions have now been banned from entering places of employment without providing 24 hours notice. The laws have also banned unions from pressuring workers (through democratically elected […]

Safe Working Environment Sunshine Coast

Any person conducting a business or undertaking has a commitment to ensure a safe working environment for their workers, the management, contractors, public and the business. One way to ensure workplace health and safety is for the management to be committed to do exactly that.How does a person conducting a business or undertaking (PCBU) indicate […]

Worker dies opening a door

A worker died when a workshop door fell onto him as he opened it Purpose The purpose of this safety alert is to highlight the potential risks associated with the use of horizontal industrial bi-fold doors and the requirements for inspection, maintenance and testing. Background A worker died when a workshop horizontal bi-fold door measuring […]

Safety Blog

Worker dies A worker died when a workshop horizontal bi-fold door measuring approximately four metres by four metres fell onto him as he opened it, due to the failure of the wire rope lifting mechanism. In this case, the wire rope lifting mechanism failed as a result of general deterioration and corrosion in the rope […]

Electrical power boards Sunshine Coast

Compliant safe power boards for use on construction sites Are you a Tradie working on a Job Site? Then you need to be aware of the Risks to avoid Electrocution! Are your current power boards compliant for use on construction sites? – The Guardian is! “My Duty as a Safety Advisor is to inform you […]