Risk Assessment Functions Sunshine Coast

Risk Assessment FunctionsRunning complex machinery and devices require the proper training, care, and maintenance. It also means having the right risk assessment functions Sunshine Coast businesses and employees rely upon to ensure everything is performed properly. This is especially true in terms of safety. Accidents not only affect the health of the employees, but the productivity of the business. Making sure that all areas of risk are properly accounted for can be the difference in staying safe or becoming injured. This relates to all businesses including the many micro breweries popping up on the Sunshine Coast.

Risk Assessment at the Beginning

Whenever a new machine is brought into the company, the first step should be to properly assess its risk to the health and safety of those who work or pass by the machine itself. This means identifying the potential areas of risk, assessing the danger, and taking the appropriate steps to ensure that accidents do not occur.

While not every risk may be fully assessed before the machine is used, there will be some obvious dangers that are present. Usually, such risks are pointed out by the manufacturers who will often have safety rules or suggestions of their own. Such safety concerns should be accounted for and designated for all to see.

Add Safety Features

For every danger that is present, find out if a countermeasure can be put into place. While nothing can replace good training and awareness, there are some simple items that may be added which helps reduce the potential risk.

  • Emergency Buttons: To shut down the machine quickly
  • Photoelectric Sensors: To detect the presence of an object and shut down the machine
  • Barriers: To keep people and their appendages from getting caught in the machine
  • Emergency Response Plan

Assess the Danger Level and Concerns

Some issues might be small and annoying while others are dangerous and life-threatening. When performing a risk assessment, calculate the possible harm and gauge it appropriately. Top priority should be placed on dangers that can cause serious injury first, then address other issues that might be harmful, but not life-threatening. All too often, small dangers are given a higher priority than life-threatening ones, so do the assessment with the right goals in mind.

Regular Evaluations

An evaluation should be performed at regular intervals, not just when an accident occurs. This can be part of the scheduled maintenance of the machine which replaces worn parts and identifies small issues before they can become big problems. During this time, a safety assessment can be made to see if any additional protections are warranted.

Use a Diverse Team of Safety Inspectors

In other words, you want people who think outside the box or have a different point of view to assist with the safety assessment. They can often see things that most others do not in terms of protecting employees or avoiding possibly dangerous events.

The right risk assessment functions Sunshine Coast business owners and employees rely upon daily starts with understanding all the dangers associated with running complex machinery. The more you know, the better you can be prepared to avoid accidents. This means that staying safe becomes the most important priority to ensure the health and well-being of everyone who works with complex machinery. For a complete Work Health and Safety Management Statement and assessment contact Ross from HRB Consulting.