Workplace Health & Safety Advisory Sunshine Coast

Safety in the WorkplaceWorkplace Health & Safety Advisory Sunshine Coast

The Workplace Health & Safety Advisory Program from HRB Consulting in Sunshine Coast can help you enhance the safety culture of your business and assuage safety concerns, thanks to a diverse number of topics that are covered under the program.

The program is available throughout the state. Workplace Health & Safety Advisory Program Sunshine Coast provides a number of useful and relevant services that can meet all your requirements. It includes:

Comprehensive Workshops

The program includes a free workshop series on topics like:

  • Continuous development of culture and systems including an action plan that can maintain your business’s WHS culture
  • Integration of WHS into various employee management strategies and practices, which include a detailed review of relevant HR documents
  • Ensuring the implementation and monitoring of WHS practices and systems, including various template documents that are customized to your business needs.
  • Developing a positive workplace culture that includes a detailed consultation strategy or plan.
  • Communication of WHS practices effectively, which includes the developing letter and email templates, along with a comprehensive communication plan.
  • Implementing change and integrating WHS into various leadership practices, which includes an analysis of all your business requirements.

Safety Management System Health Check

HRB Consulting’s WHS Essentials Audit reviews your business’s safety management systems in a comprehensive manner. It can help you protect your employees and workers from the risk of injury & minimize your business’s exposure to penalties and fines.

An Overview of the WHS Essentials Audit

  • A WHS consultant from HRB Consulting will be in touch with you via email for scheduling a phone call, which can help them complete your business’s Workplace Health & Safety Essential Audit easily.
  • During the audit, you will be asked a number of questions that are relevant to your business. It might require you to spend around 45 minutes.
  • These questions will help us in identifying potential compliance issues with existing WHS legislation
  • Once the answers have been evaluated, you’ll be given a detailed assessment report, that includes a snapshot of your company’s performance in key areas.
  • You will be sent the assessment report via email after evaluating the information you’ve provided, which can help you plan out various adjustments going ahead.

WHS Consultancy Support

Apart from the Workplace Health and Safety audit & report, HRB Consulting also offers FREE WHS support services, which include a detailed review of key areas like WHS Policy, management commitment, Emergency Management, Planning, Review & Improvement and many more.

You will also be provided with post-assessment support during HRB Consulting’s business hours, subject to certain terms and conditions.


Updates and Information regarding various WHS issues & how they can influence your business model

Onsite Customised Training

We provide onsite customized training and workshops for meeting all your business requirements for building your safety capabilities and training your employees.

Resources and Tools

We also provide a number of templates, resources, and tools, which can be implemented in your company.

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