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Safety Management Office BasedSafety Management

When most people in the Sunshine Coast and around the world think of safety management, it usually revolves around industries in which employees are working with potentially dangerous equipment or under harsh conditions. Not as many think of office based safety management as being a priority, yet most injuries occur from trips, slips, and falls along with carrying heavy items or working with poorly designed equipment in settings such as offices.

Assessing the Risks

The first step towards effective safety management is identifying the risks found inside the business no matter the location. From offices to hallways to bathrooms, assessing areas, items, or practices that may cause injury should be quickly addressed.

Problem Areas: These are usually the most obvious and easiest to identify and address. Such areas include, but are not limited to the following;

  • Sharp corners on desks, walls, or equipment
  • Protruding shelves
  • Uneven floors
  • Exposed electrical outlets or wiring

A simple inspection should identify areas that are of concern. This is especially true for business owners who might be held accountable by employees, clients, or customers who are injured due to such issues.

Slipping: Slick floors are one of the most common causes of injury. This is usually from floors that were recently mopped and still slick from the moisture that remains behind. Addressing such issues starts with proper training of janitorial staff and including warning signs of recently mopped flooring.

Lifting: Another common way that employees are injured is when they lift heavy or cumbersome items. These are mostly back injuries which are the most common type of injury in the world. Addressing these issues requires training to properly lift items to protect the back and getting help with heavier ones.

Posture: Proper posture helps prevent injuries from occurring when walking or sitting. It may seem a bit silly to teach people how to stand properly but identifying those with potential posture issues when walking around the office or sitting at the computer can help prevent injuries from occurring over time. This translates into greater productivity as less time is spent away from work.

Stress in the Workplace: From bullying to intimidation, the greater the stress in the workplace, the more likely that someone is going to get hurt. Either directly due to a confrontation or most likely indirectly when they are distracted from good safety practices. Addressing the stress will help lower the risk of injury and more importantly, create a happier, healthier environment that helps you keep employees who are more productive.

Addressing the Risks

You can start today by identifying the areas in which your office poses a health or injury risk to your employees. By starting with an open conversation, you can help identify areas that can be quickly addressed that help to improve safety right away.

Effective office based safety management protocols in Sunshine Coast businesses means identifying the risks that are in the office along with potential risks and dealing with them in a timely manner. By utilising safe practices combined with eliminating potential trouble areas, you can minimize the danger to employees. While accidents will still occur, the chances of injury will be considerably reduced. Contact Ross for a Safety Management Office Based Plan.